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Sunday, September 27th

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Ebola - Call for Papers

With the recent resurgence of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the journal is launching a special issue on the virus. The journal will serve as an educated and authoritative voice on the virus, risk and threat level, potential of outbreak, preparation and response for the public and media.

The Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, began covering events in their entirety via special issues back in 2014.  In doing so, the journal publishes in real time over the total extent of an event or crisis - from beginning to end. Due to the intensity surrounding the Ebola virus, coverage may extend beyond one special issue.

Global experts, responders, and scientific and medical professionals in both the Ebola virus and public health will support and supply content for this special and timely issue. Material will be published accordingly after peer review.  Submit manuscripts to

Guest Editors:

Charles Beadling, MD, Uniformed Services University

Frederick Burkle, MD, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

David Brett-Major, MD, Navigating Health Risks, LLC

Timothy Muyimbo, MD, Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces

Kelly Vest, DVM, HACCP Consulting Group

Melinda Hamer, MD, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research




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                        The mission of the SDMPH is to advance and promote excellence in education, training and research in disaster medicine and public health for all potential health system responders based on sound educational principles, scientific evidence and best clinical and public health practices.


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